A Guide to Latham’s Steel Doors Fire Safety Products

Fire safety is something we should all take seriously, whether at home or in the workplace. We’re all reminded to check our smoke alarms regularly, and know where to gather when the fire alarm goes off at the office, but have you also considered the importance of your fire doors?

At Latham’s Steel Doors we have a range of products appropriate for use in both the home and the workplace, all available to purchase via our website. This Fire Door Safety Week we thought we’d give you the low down on the range of products we have available.

Residential Fire Doors

You may not immediately think of a steel door for your home, but our Stock Fire Rated Steel Doors are ideal for a variety of uses such as a security door between your kitchen and garage, an outbuilding or annexe.

Safety and Security

Fully compliant with fire safety legislation, being FD rated rated means our fire rated doors offer protection from fire and smoke damage from between 30 and 240 minutes. Fitted with draft and fire seals and an integral anti jemmy bar lip you can rest assured that these doors offer high protection along with high security for your property.

Steel Fire Door options

We have a variety of Steel Fire Doors from our custom made range, offering up to 240 minutes of protection and seamless integration into your home with ideal uses such as the door between your garage and kitchen for example.

Latham’s Fire Rated Steel Doors key features:

  • Offering up to 240 minutes protection from fire and smoke
  • Powder coated in stock white doors can also be customised to a colour of your choice
  • Supplied with fire rated door handles

Commercial and Industrial Fire Doors

In addition to our stock fire rated steel doors, we offer a range of Fire Exit Doors suitable for commercial and industrial use to suit openings from 695mm to 1995mm wide. All our Fire Exit Doors are also manufactured from galvanised steel for the ultimate resistance to rust.

Latham’s Steel Fire Exit Doors are all fitted with Exidor Panic Bars. Exidor is a UK based manufacturer offering market leading panic hardware and Latham’s are proud to be an authorised Exidor panic bar and OAD retailer (Outdoor Access Devices).

Our Fire Exit Doors are available as a Standard Duty Fire Exit Door, Security Fire Exit Door and Double Fire Exit Door. Double doors are also available as leaf and a half (or a door and a half) bridging the gap between our single and full double doors.

Standard Fire Exit Door

  • Fitted with Exidor 296 single point panic push bar
  • A great budget option to satisfy fire regs and building control
  • 4 Stainless-steel heavy duty ball bearing hinges
  • Supplied with relevant signage

Security Fire Exit Door

  • Fitted with Exidor 294 adjustable 2 point security push bar mechanism with adjustable shoot bolts
  • Manufactured from a thicker gauge steel than the standard door offering additional security
  • 4 Stainless-steel heavy-duty ball bearing hinges
  • Supplied with relevant signage

Double Fire Exit Door

  • Fitted with Exidor 285 adjustable panic bar set. The active door is supplied with the Exidor 285 single point push bar and the Exidor 294 adjustable 2 point push bar is supplied on the passive door
  • Available in stock from 1295mm up to 1995mm wide
  • 8 Stainless steel heavy duty ball bearing hinges
  • Supplied with relevant signage

All of our Fire Exit doors have an anti jemmy bar lip integrated into the door and frame for added security, meet the DDA compliant threshold and have weather and draft proof seals supplied as standard.

Prices start from £249.99+VAT

Fire Exit Doors Extras and Accessories

Glazed and Louvre Panels:

In addition to the flush design, all Fire Exit Doors can be manufactured to include glazed or louvre panels depending on your requirements for the door.

Outside Access Devices:

Along with the Exidor panic bars fitted with each door, (or available to purchase separately) we can also supply a range of Outside Access Devices (OAD’s) should you require secure access from the outside of the door. Available as knob operated, lever operated and code locks.

If you’re looking to purchase a Steel Fire Door or Fire Exit Door, our dedicated sales team can help you with any queries you might have so contact us.

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