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Hooply Locks

Browse the UK’s largest range of Hooply locks, compatible with our range of steel security doors, but also commonly found used with shipping container doors. Also known as a Hooply Gearbox and multi point lock.

From standard replacement Hooply lock cases, to upgraded security models, Hooply multi locks provide unparalleled security at unbeatable value. We offer a best-price-online GUARANTEED.

Key measurements to check for traditional Hooply locks are: PZ Centres – 68mm | Face Plate Dims – 24mm x 240mm

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  • Hooply Lock Case Code ST8, used in many container doors

    Hooply Lock Gearbox

    £25.00 + VAT

    This Hooply lock body comes pre-fitted to the majority our personnel security steel door range. We have replacements available to purchase from stock. Also known as Hooply gearbox or euro lock case, we are by far the cheapest supplier of this lock in the UK, with some retailers selling this lock for more than £100 by itself!

  • Standard ABC Euro Cylinder for Latham's Steel Doors

    Standard Euro Cylinder and ABC Keys

    £10.00 + VAT

    Pre-fitted as standard to all of our personnel doors, the 30/40 split ABC cylinder is finished in brass.

    See the video for a demonstration.

  • Hooply Lock Case, used with container steel doors

    Security Hooply Lock Case / Sash Lock (ST11#EX)

    £35.00 + VAT

    This security Hooply lock case / sash lock, (code st#11) is compatible with steel doors fitted with the Hooply Lock ST8, which we also sell (pre-fitted to our steel security door range). This lock is superior in strength to the standard hooply lock, which replaces the 3 centre shoot bolts with 1 solid hardened steel rectangular shoot bolt and is fitted to our STS202 BR1 tested door. The latch is reversible and can suit both LH and RH doors.

    See the gallery image for dimensions

  • Latham's steel doors security euro cylinder

    Security Euro Cylinder (Upgrade)

    From £25.00 + VAT

    The security cylinder upgrade is far superior to the standard ABC cylinder which comes pre-fitted to all personnel doors, with the following features:

    • Anti Pick
    • Anti Snap
    • Anti Drill
    • Anti Bump
    • Anti Pull
    • 3 Keys provided per cylinder, but extra keys are available at £4.00 each
  • panic escape hooply lock and handle set

    Panic Escape Hooply Lock Case & Handle Set

    £50.00 + VAT

    This Hooply lock and handle set includes a replacement panic escape sashlock and compatible handles. The internal handle can be lifted up, similar to a traditional UPVC locking mechanism, and lock the door without the need for a key. Also, the internal handle will unlock the door once the handle is pulled down.

    The outside handle can be lifted up to also lock the door without the key, but a key is needed to then unlock the door from outside.

    See the video below for a demonstration on how this lock and handle system works.

    Please note: These handles are not compatible with thumbturn cylinders. Please see either the 2066T or 2018T handles if you require this option. Handle and lock case does not fit High Security Ultra Doors.

  • Replacement sash lock for a Latham's High Security Ultra Door

    Ultra Door Sash Lock / Lock Case

    £35.00 + VAT

    Pre-fitted in all of our ultra steel door range, we have replacements available from stock.

  • Hooply Side Lock / Multi-locking Auxiliary Locks

    £15.00 + VAT

    Also known as the hooply lateral lock, a crucial part to the 19 point locking system is the upper/lower latching side shoot bolt, which when combined (1 top and one bottom), adds 4 locking points to the high security locking system. Please state the dimensions of the face plate when ordering so we can ensure that the correct replacement part is sent out.

  • Hooply side lock auxiliary multi point lock

    Ultra Door Side Lock

    £20.00 + VAT

    A crucial part to the ultra doors multi point locking system is the upper/lower latching side shoot bolt, which when combined (1 top and one bottom), adds 4 locking points to the high security locking system. Replacements are held in stock.

  • Ultra Door Cylinder & Keys Set

    £15.00 + VAT

    Fitted as standard to our ultra steel security door. Replacements are available from stock.

  • Thumb turn cylinder option for Latham's steel doors

    Thumb Turn Cylinder

    £15.00 + VAT

    Our security thumb turn cylinder allows you to work the locking system from the inside, without the need for a key.

    Not to be mistaken for the privacy thumb lock (mounted to the handle), which is standard issue with all of our multi point locking doors. This works a separate single locking point.

    For further information, see the video in the ‘videos’ tab below.

  • Concealed flush both for Latham's Steel Double Door

    Concealed Shoot Bolt for Double Door (Flush Bolt)

    £20.00 + VAT

    Pre-fitted as standard to the passive leaf of the double and leaf & half multi point locking high security steel door sets (heavy duty), the concealed shoot bolts are also held in stock as replacement parts.