Powder Coated Steel Doors

We offer a powder coating service on all of our stock doors. Unlike normal wet paint, powder coating is applied using a dry powder that is electrostacically charged to stick to the doors, and then cured in an oven, to give a smooth, hard finish that is much tougher than conventional paint.

All of our powder coating is done fully in-house. Our doors are all galvanised steel and polyester powder coated in white as standard. Each door then undergoes another double layer powder coating in your chosen colour. Any accessories that are purchased with your door, such as overhead panels or cills are also powder coated to match.

This service does add an additional lead time of 5-10 working days, on top of delivery times, to your order.

Please view the full RAL colour chart below. We have standard stock and special colours available, but are also able to source a specific colour if required. Contact us for details.

Powder Coating Costs

Stock RAL/BS Colours:
1 Single Door – £120 + VAT
1 Double Door – £180 + VAT

Non-Stock RAL/BS Colours:
Please contact us as these incur a mixing surcharge and additional lead time

RAL 1021
Colza Yellow

RAL 2004
Pure Orange

RAL 3020
Traffic Red

RAL 5002
Ultramarine Blue

RAL 5013
Cobalt Blue

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

RAL 5017
Traffic Blue

BS 12 B29
Juniper Green

RAL 6002
Leaf Green

RAL 6005
Moss Green

RAL 6009
Fir Green

BS 18 B25
Merlin Grey

RAL 7012
Basalt Grey

RAL 7015
Slate Grey

RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey

RAL 7040
Window Grey

RAL 9003
Signal White

RAL 9005
Jet Black

RAL 9006
White Aluminium

BS 08 B29
Van Dyke Brown

BS 04 E53
Poppy Red

BS 10 A05
Goosewing Grey

BS 381 226
Mid Brunswick Green

BS 10 B19

BS 10 E55
Canary Yellow

BS 18 B29
Raven Grey

BS 18 E53
Tartan Blue

BS 381 105
Oxford Blue


RAL 1004
Golden Yellow

RAL 1015
Light Ivory

RAL 1019
Grey Beige

RAL 2003
Pastel Orange

RAL 3000
Fire Red

RAL 5003
Sapphire Blue

RAL 5005
Signal Blue

RAL 5010
Genetian Blue

RAL 5014
Pigeon Blue

RAL 5022
Night Blue

RAL 6021
Pale Green

RAL 6027
Light Green

RAL 6028
Pine Green

RAL 7000
Squirrel Grey

RAL 7001
Silver Grey

RAL 7005
Mouse Grey

RAL 7021
Black Grey

RAL 7022
Umbra Grey

RAL 7024
Graphite Grey

RAL 7031
Blue Grey

RAL 7032
Pebble Grey

RAL 7035
Light Grey

RAL 7042
Traffic Grey A

RAL 7043
Traffic Grey B

RAL 8019
Grey Brown

RAL 9010
Pure White

RAL 9011
Graphite Black

RAL 4005
Blue Lilac

Our full range of stock doors have powder coating options available:

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