How To Install A Fire Door?

Steel fire exit doors marry security with accessibility, offering the protection your property needs while still allowing a quick means of escape in the event of a fire.

Our steel security doorsets are some of the best in the industry and represent incredible value for money. Every set comes with complete installation instructions, and we’re never more than a phone-call away if you need any assistance.

The following article will examine the Fire Door installation process in more detail, explaining just how to install the 3-Point Panic Fire Exit High Security Steel Doorset.

Before you begin

Stand the door upright and remove the outer packaging, ensuring you have another person to help you. Rest the packaging against the wall next to your empty doorframe, and retrieve the keys and metal frame caps from it. Set them aside, next to the instruction manual.

Removing the door leaf from the frame

Firstly, push the fire exit bar to retract the latch and open the door leaf. You’ll need to move the door after this, so ensure that packaging is placed on a corner protector under the door to protect your floor.

Next, peel the protective film from the door and ask a friend to help you separate the door from its frame. To do this effectively, place a length of polystyrene or softwood under the door leaf, near the hinges, and push your foot firmly down on the threshold.

Positioning the frame

Maintaining its upright position, set the door to one side. Place the doorframe into the aperture and check any gaps. Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets offer a variety of strong side panels or over panels to close these gaps. These can be used as a door frame extension, along with up to 20mm of packing, to extend the doorframe.

To fit these over panels or side panels, measure the width of the aperture and cut the panel to length with a disc grinder or hacksaw. File the edge of the panel and paint them to protect them from the elements.

Finally, slide the panel onto the frame and clip it on. You then have the option of running silicone down either side of the frame or fixing the panel and frame together using self-tapping screws for extra security.

Securing the frame

Beginning at the hinge side and using the fixing plate holes to guide you, drill into the brickwork.
Next, insert the fixings and tighten them slightly, using packers above the fixing points to ensure the fixers don’t distort the frame.

Use a spirit level to check that your frame is fully square and plumb at the hinge side before tightening your fixings completely.

Inserting the door leaf

Place the door leaf back on the hinges in the doorframe, but don’t shut it until you’ve tested the locking system. To do this, put your finger in the catch at the top, manually pushing the catch toward the door as if the door were shutting.

Then, push the fire exit bar and ensure the top catch releases and the bottom shoot bolt can clear the lip of the door. If the bottom shoot bolt is too short, simply loosen the nut and unscrew the shoot bolt to lengthen it.

Once satisfied with your locking mechanisms, gently shut the door and check that frame clearance is equal all the way around.

Open your door again, and use a spirit level to ensure the latching side of your door is plumb. Insert your fixings on this side, tighten them slightly, and shut the door. If it shuts easily, tighten the latching side fixings completely.

Final Checks and Adjustments

If your door doesn’t shut correctly, loosen off the necessary fixing, adjust the frame using shims or packaging, and retighten. If the door still doesn’t shut, try loosening the fixings, shunting the frame to square it, and re-tightening the fixings again.

Test the top catch with your finger as before, before using the fire exit bar to release this catch. Shut the door and reopen it by pushing the push bar. Finally, test and adjust the bottom locking mechanism.

Final Touches

Don’t forget to place fire exit stickers in the appropriate places, as these are a legal requirement. You’ll also find rubber grommets and metal dog bolt caps for aesthetic purposes.

For more information on installing your 3-Point Panic Fire Exit High Security Steel Doorset, refer to your instruction manual or check out this instructional video.

Our Fire Doors are second to none. We also offer a wide range of other purpose steel security doorsets. For more information regarding any of our products, call us on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or get in touch here.

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