What is the difference between a fire exit door and a fire door?

Fire exit doors are installed in escape routes, helping you evacuate a building quickly in the event of an emergency. In the event of a fire, these doors are usually open. They typically have a ‘push bar to open’ sticker installed, like the LH image above.

Fire rated doors on the other hand are installed to prevent a fire from spreading, giving the emergency services time to arrive. These doors are left closed in the event of a fire. They expand into their frames when subject to extreme heat. These doors typically have a ‘fire door keep shut’ sticker affixed, like the RH image above.


Fire Exit Doors:

  1. Are used for escape during a fire
  2. Available as single fire exit doors and double fire exit doors
  3. Are usually external
  4. Are fitted with panic hardware / push bars
  5. Can be left open
  6. Signage: ‘Push bar to open’ and ‘Fire exit Keep clear’

Our steel fire exit doors are all held in stock and available with pre-fitted Exidor panic hardware from £199.99+VAT.


Fire Doors:

  1. Are used to prevent fire from spreading
  2. Available as single fire doors and double fire doors
  3. Are usually internal
  4. Are fitted with fire rated furniture and door closer
  5. Must never be propped open
  6. Signage: ‘Fire door keep shut’

Our steel fire rated doors are all held in stock and available certified up to 4 hours, from £549.99+VAT.


Fire Rated Fire Exit Doors:

In rare circumstances, building control may request that a door is used for both purposes: to open in the event of a fire, but once closed, then seal shut and stop the fire from spreading. See our fire rated fire exit doors here

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