Finding The Perfect Front Door

Selecting the right doors are an important step in the overall enjoyment of your home. Doors say a lot about you and your home. Doors are a focal point of the home. Your front door is especially important because it makes a statement about your attention to detail and design. Front doors can welcome visitors or turn them away.

Three Basics Qualities For Front Doors

You can ease the burden of finding the perfect front door by beginning with three basics that must be considered…


Front doors can be manufactured from many different materials. Before choosing your new front door understanding your materials is essential. There are doors with a variety of wood finishes, uPVC doors and the newly considered steel security front doors.

Wooden doors are known for their classic appearance and traditional look. However, they can require more maintenance than other varieties. uPVC doors are durable and well-insulated. Steel doors are durable, strong and require very little maintenance. Steel doors do not warp and are of the strongest material.


In addition to understanding the material composition of the door, you must understand how the door is attached to the front of your property. High quality steel doors are extremely difficult to penetrate, partially because the compatible steel frame and fixing methods are so strong when installed properly.

You must also concern yourself with the security of windows and side panels that accompany many of today’s doors. The property owner must ensure these features are secure. Windows and side panels can be integrated into a steel door design just as they are with wood doors or uPVC doors.

The buyer should consider the locking system including the euro cylinder and other integral security features.

Size of The Door

Before shopping for a door, know your measurements. Standard front doors are either 32” or 36”, but this needs to be checked. Measure the opening for the doorframe. If you acquire a new door, the existing frame will most likely be removed and replaced unless you are replacing an existing steel door.

Beyond the Basics

The chances are that if you are shopping for a new door, you are actually looking for the entire door and frame. It is advisable that all the individual components come from the same manufacturer to ensure a smooth installation. In many cases it’s possible to put the door in, but if not, it is important to consider who will install the door and their previous experience.

Remember that whilst a door should make the right design statement and be secure, it must also be functional. Much of the door’s functional capabilities depend upon the frame and how the door is set into the frame. Steel doors are not only fashionable but they are also highly functional with perfected, heavy duty infrastructure.

Premium doors have inner frames made of heavy gauge steel. The cavities are filled with high-density foam insulation. The surface is smooth and if required can provide a sharp, embossed, wood grain looking finish. The exterior is usually enhanced by baked-on polyester finish and some premium doors have vinyl coating similar to the coating on vinyl-clad windows.

Most steel doors are part of a pre-hung system. If you intend to replace one steel door with another, you must check that the holes will match up with current attachment points on the old frame. Some manufacturers insert extra pre-drilled holes for hinges. This allows some flexibility when installing the door.

Steel doors are remarkably cost-effective. Many in the collection include sidelights and premium hardware, and are still lower priced than an equivalent high-grade wooden door.

Stainless steel is completely rust proof so doors, frames and hinges of stainless are the most secure and require less maintenance than any other system. It is no longer the case that people who buy steel doors only purchase them primarily for high-level security reasons, as the finish is now of such high quality.

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