Residential Security: Keeping Your Steel Door Subtle

The UK boasts some absolutely stunning towns and cities, as well as beautiful countryside and fine open spaces. The landscape and architecture of Britain attracts tourists from across the globe in their millions every year. We are proud of where we live, and we demonstrate that in a number of ways. Unfortunately, as well as the attractive side of Britain, there is a darker aspect.

As with every major town or city across the world, the authorities are battling crime rates. With the economic downturn in recent years, crime has been a continuing problem, especially in major cities where depravation is a huge social, economic, and political issue. Many would argue that local police forces are doing fairly well in reducing crime rates, and according to the Office for National Statistics, the current government has reduced crime by around 10%.

Whilst this can be recorded as a significant achievement, there is still much to be done. Some would also argue that these statistics are skewed, because many ‘types’ of crime are considered not to have significantly reduced. These include vandalism, drunkenness, and anti-social behaviour.

The Approach to Home Security
Despite the positive movement in crime rates, we cannot get complacent. Along with increased policing efficiency and ‘more police on the streets’ as a commitment, the government must also target homeowners themselves as a potential solution to the problem.

Educating homeowners about the dangers and potential risks, and raising awareness about home security would have a massive impact on criminals’ abilities to commit their acts. There are a number of simple things that residents can do to deter or dissuade potential intruders, and a general consideration for.

There are a number of schemes out there to encourage an increased awareness about home security, including UK Home Security Week and Home Security Month. These are designed to educate UK residents about the different approaches to security, with the aim of preventing crime.

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Don’t Lose Face

Despite the need for a secure home, it is generally accepted that few homeowners want their house to look like Fort Knox. We all take pride in the appearance of our property, and we still want curb appeal. If you have a smaller property and a limited budget, a large set of gates is most certainly not an option. Therefore, you must find a way to make your home secure in a way that suits its exterior.

Our range of security doors are designed especially to fit in with the exterior of residential properties, and are perfect for adding an extra layer of protection to an everyday household. Steel doors do not need to be ugly doors, and in fact they come in a range of colours and designs.

For Business Owners

Just as homeowners want their property to look appealing, business owners also need to make their premises visually acceptable. For the owners of pubs, restaurants, and shops, subtle security measures can ensure protection without affecting their image. That said, when business premises are closed, a high security solution such as roller shutters can deter criminals from making forced entry.

Roller shutters are now commonplace on UK high streets, as well as on business parks and industrial estates. They are universally recognised as a successful deterrent to intruders.


In summary, we should remember that security measures do not necessarily mean high walls, large cameras or barbed wire. Everyday households are able to take simple measures that will enhance the security of their property and prevent burglars or vandals from targeting them. High strength but subtle steel doors can make access points extra secure, and when compared to PVC or wooden doors, there really is no contest.

For some businesses, an obvious security measure can be effective, but for residences and public-facing businesses like pubs and restaurants, aesthetics is essential.

Whilst the battle against crime continues on the streets, government initiatives are increasing awareness about home security, and as a member of the security industry we will do our part to encourage property owners to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their premises is effectively protected.

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