Domestic Security Doors

At Latham’s, we stock a large selection of steel security doors for domestic purposes – not all security doors are used for commercial or industrial buildings!

There are many advantages to considering security doors for your home:

1. Domestic security doors are far more difficult for intruders to get through and are often enough to completely deter a break-in at all. Like a security alarm, when burglars notice that you’re using specialised security door, they often will give up there and then and look for an easier target.
2. Securing your doors with an accessory such as a chain, door bar or spy hole is a very wise decision. Without them you are left in a position where you must open the door fully to see who’s knocking – with a security accessory you can see and identify your visitor without putting yourself in any risk.
3. Steel security doors are much easier than regular doors to attach accessories or make adjustments to – with PVC doors for example, often have to purchased again with such additions already attached, whereas your previous steel door can be used for longer.
4. Steel doors, because they are galvanised, last longer due to a brilliant resistance to weathering or corrosion.
5. Because our doors can be fitted with weather or draught seals, they can save you money on your energy bills by reducing the amount of heat that would otherwise have been lost.
6. Cost effective solution for a domestic security door whilst maximising the security.
7. With detailed instructions, tutorial video’s and an exceptional customer services department you don’t have to pay hundreds of pounds for someone to fit them. We will assist you from start to finish.
8. With our vast range of accessories, visions/louvres, upgrades and colours available, you can really tailor your door to make it an individual one of a kind residential security door.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to explore our website or to get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help you in making your decisions!

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