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Why is my Double Door frame in pieces?

Delivering your steel double door knockdown frame in self-assembly pieces reduces the amount of handling of the doors. This in turn reduces associated health and safety risks as the door and frame are delivered in separate, manageable boxes. This makes them less likely to be dropped causing unnecessary damage to the door.

For guidance on how to assemble your double door knock down frame, see our blog post or view our instructional video:


Knock Down Frame Assembly Video transcript:

[00:00:05] To aid installation
[00:00:06] our double doors are now supplied with knock down frames.
[00:00:10] Your door will now come supplied with an active and passive door leaf,
[00:00:14] frame sides, and frame top and threshold.
[00:00:18] Assembling your frame is a simple task.
[00:00:21] First lay your 4 frame pieces out flat on the floor in the shape of the frame
[00:00:26] Next fit the sections together.
[00:00:29] There are channels which allow the pieces to slot together precisely.
[00:00:33] You may find that the frame needs twisting slightly to allow the frame pieces to sit correctly.
[00:00:39] Locate the tabs that slot between the frame parts,
[00:00:42] then, using a hammer or mallet flatten them down to secure the frame together.
[00:00:47] Ensure the tabs are bent towards the outer edge of the frame.
[00:00:50] Repeat this process for the remaining frame parts until fully assembled.
[00:00:55] The frame will feel flexible at this point.
[00:00:57] It will become rigid once fitted into the opening.
[00:01:01] Once the frame is fitted in the opening
[00:01:04] you can continue by fitting the passive leaf,
[00:01:06] active leaf
[00:01:07] and door cylinder as described in our security door installation video

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