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What equipment will I need to build the knockdown frame for my double door?

To build the frame for your double steel door, the only equipment you will require is a mallet or hammer. This is used to flatten the tabs into position. No other equipment is necessary to fit the frame pieces together.

A list of the equipment required to install your door can be found in the fitting guide supplied when purchasing your steel door.

For specific advice regarding building the self-assembly knockdown frame for your steel double door, see our comprehensive blog post or view our instructional video:

Alternatively, our friendly sales and customer service team will also be happy to help, simply call 01384 220 050 or email [email protected]

Knock Down Frame Assembly Video transcript:

[00:00:05] To aid installation
[00:00:06] our double doors are now supplied with knock down frames.
[00:00:10] Your door will now come supplied with an active and passive door leaf,
[00:00:14] frame sides, and frame top and threshold.
[00:00:18] Assembling your frame is a simple task.
[00:00:21] First lay your 4 frame pieces out flat on the floor in the shape of the frame
[00:00:26] Next fit the sections together.
[00:00:29] There are channels which allow the pieces to slot together precisely.
[00:00:33] You may find that the frame needs twisting slightly to allow the frame pieces to sit correctly.
[00:00:39] Locate the tabs that slot between the frame parts,
[00:00:42] then, using a hammer or mallet flatten them down to secure the frame together.
[00:00:47] Ensure the tabs are bent towards the outer edge of the frame.
[00:00:50] Repeat this process for the remaining frame parts until fully assembled.
[00:00:55] The frame will feel flexible at this point.
[00:00:57] It will become rigid once fitted into the opening.
[00:01:01] Once the frame is fitted in the opening
[00:01:04] you can continue by fitting the passive leaf,
[00:01:06] active leaf
[00:01:07] and door cylinder as described in our security door installation video

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