Exidor 302 Knob Operated Outside Access Device

Exidor 302 Knob Operated Outside Access Device

From £54.00 inc. VAT (£45.00 + VAT)

The Exidor 302 is supplied with 3 keys and has the advantage that a master keyed 40mm Euro profile cylinder can be used. Suitable for use with the Exidor 294a296 and 285a panic bars, the Exidor 302 offers access from the outside of the door.

  • Non-handed
  • Fire rated for use on timber and steel doors
  • Surface mounted on the outside of the door using concealed machine screws
  • Supplied as standard for doors up to 45mm thick.


When locked, the mechanism is disengaged allowing the knob to freely rotate. When unlocked, the knob, spindle and mechanism engage allowing the shoots or latches of the panic bolt, or the panic latch, to be withdrawn from the outside. The knob remains engaged until it is re-locked.

Weight 4.5 kg


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