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HOOPLY Side Lock / Multi-locking Auxiliary Locks

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We have a variety of side locks available to suit your steel multi point locking door installed with a HOOPLY lock. These range from our single point personnel door side lock, to our high security HOOPLY side lock. We also supply anti vandal side locks for converted shipping container doors.

As a crucial part of our multi-point locking system these are designed to fit the upper and lower latching side of your steel personnel door.

Our standard and high security versions are available for doors purchased both prior to 2019 and 2019 onwards. Please ensure you select the appropriate side lock for your door.

If you aren’t sure, please check the dimensions in the gallery or get in touch with an image of your door locks.

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Standard HOOPLY Side Lock 502A (Current Model)

These genuine HOOPLY side locks are compatible with our budget and security steel door models purchased from 2019 onwards. 

High Security HOOPLY Side Lock B03 (Current Model)

For installation within our high security steel Ultra personnel doors purchased from 2019 after the product refresh. Made from high quality stainless steel these are genuine HOOPLY side locks.

Latham’s Side Lock (Pre-2019)

This side lock features two shoot bolts and is compatible with previous generation steel personnel doors within the standard duty and heavy duty ranges, purchased from us prior to 2019.

Latham’s Ultra Door Side Lock (Pre-2019)

Suitable for use with our previous range of High Security ‘Ultra Duty’ doors purchased pre-2019. Featuring two heavy duty shoot bolts in each auxiliary lock.

Anti-vandal Container Door Side Lock

Suitable for use with personnel doors installed in converted shipping container units.

PLEASE NOTE: This lock is not compatible with Latham’s Stock Steel Doors.

Single Point Personnel Door Side Lock

This side lock is suitable for personnel doors which require just a single locking point.

PLEASE NOTE: This lock is not compatible with Latham’s Stock Steel Doors.

HOOPLY 506 Side Lock

Suitable for multi point locking steel hinged doors which connect only to the sashlock and don’t push a rod out to the top and bottom of the door leaf.

PLEASE NOTE: This lock is not compatible with Latham’s Stock Steel Doors.

Weight 4.5 kg

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