Latham’s Improved Range Officially Launched for 2020

Continual investment in product development is key to us here at Latham’s. We recognise the importance of keeping our industry leading products at the forefront of the latest technologies and advancements in security. 

Last year was a pivotal year for us, with the phased introduction of our latest door models throughout 2019, we’re proud to say 2020 sees the official launch of our improved range. We also worked hard to achieve ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO4001 certification, ensuring our commitment to a minimum standard of quality for our products, systems and procedures. 

Our investment in research and development has enabled us to make the following improvements which you can now find across our stock door products:

Range-wide improvements

We have a number of enhancements which are throughout our entire range of products including:

  • A 3 year warranty as standard (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Heavy duty stainless steel ball bearing hinges which replace our previous lift off hinges
  • Threaded fixing points which allow for wind out lugs and generate a fast installation
  • The door bottoms and threshold now incorporate an additional integral jemmy bar lip adding extra security
  • A smooth powder coat replacing the previous textured finish
  • New expanding side frames which allows for increased flexibility over our previous fixed size versions

All of our steel personnel doors now feature:

  • Genuine HOOPLYmulti point locking system
  • Genuine HOOPLY handles
  • An adjustable latch keep function
  • 2mm lock boxes and adjoining welded tubes to protect the whole locking system

Product Specific Enhancements

In addition to the range wide improvements, there are a number of enhancements throughout our Budget, Security, High Security and Double door ranges as follows:

Budget Steel Door Range:
  • Thickness in the steel of the door leaf has been increased by 0.2mm
  • Thickness in the steel of the door frame has also been increased by 0.2mm
 Security Steel Door Range:
  • A fully enclosed frame to house insulation and increase rigidity
  • A new mineral wool insulation in the door and frame improving thermal value to a U-value of 2.2, and acoustic value of 34db
  • Increased strength through new internal u-channel strengthening bars
High Security ‘Ultra’ Duty Door Range:
  • Thickness of the door leaf skin increased by 0.2mm
  • Frame depth increased to 110mm in depth with additional fixing points
  • Mineral wool insulation in the door and frame, increasing thermal U-Value to 1.99 and acoustic value to 38db
  • Fully enclosed frame to house insulation and increase rigidity
  • Additional u-channel strengthening bars added internally to the door leaf
Security Double Door Range:
  • A self assembly knockdown frame, for easy transport, handling and for quick assembly on site
  • Coming soon, double door leaves and frame components will also be available for purchase separately to allow retro fit

Trust is Key

With our continued investment, product development and certification, you can trust that a Latham’s product will be as advertised, as tested and will continue to be so in the future.

Why not pay a visit to our Midlands showroom where you can view a wide variety of our steel doors. Contact us to speak to our friendly team, or come into the office during our opening hours to view our doors. 

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