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Most people go out to buy steel doors with little or no information on the different factors that contribute to the price of the door. Knowing why one steel door is cheaper than the other is important, as you may make your decision based on price alone, without realising that you have given up on some very important aspects. The right information will also help you decide on what aspects of the door are increasing its cost yet they do not add any real value for you. Assuming that you are sourcing your steel doors from reputable suppliers who manufacture their doors using premium materials through a process that ensures quality products, here are some factors that affect the cost of your steel doors.


The first factor that affects the cost of a steel door is its determined application. As you would expect, the more complex and the higher the spec, the higher the cost. Therefore, if you need a certified high security fire rated door, you will expect to pay more than you would for a standard personnel steel door. Go back to basics and ensure the door suits the purpose of its application before paying a premium for brand or design of door. Is your door a simple entrance door, with little need for security? Is it a fire exit door that needs a medium level of security? Or is it a very rigid specification from your architect, ensuring it’s a certain spec to satisfy regulations?


Specification – Ensure you don’t get your words crossed!

This follows on nicely from the previous point. The higher the specification of your door, the more materials required, therefore an impact on price in inevitable. However, we are often asked for doors which are very expensive, and it’s purely a lack of knowledge in the industry.

A few examples:
1) Security doors: Levels of security are infinite! You can have a budget steel door (priced from £139.99+VAT), to a middle range STS202 BR2 tested steel door (priced from £400.00+VAT) to an LPS1175 SR6 door, priced from £5,000+VAT. Ensure you understand the application of the door, the value of the contents in the room/building, insurance requirements and in fact whether any certification is required at all, as this is one of the biggest factors that increases the cost of the door. If in doubt, don’t ask to be quoted for a ‘*** rated door’, explain the application and let us experts recommend the most efficient spec door to suit your budget.
2) Air-tight doors: Do you want an air tight door? To develop, test and manufacture an air-tight door to certain air pressures is extremely expensive. What the customer normally is referring to here, is a weatherproof door, or air-restrictive door. This is far more standard in the industry, and most steel doors comply with weatherproof testing and requirements.
3) Fire rated fire exit doors: Firstly, in the event of a fire, fire exit doors are meant to be open to aid escaping the fire. Therefore, it is unusual a fire exit door needs to be fire rated. It’s not unheard of, but it drastically reduces the cost if the door is either: Fire Rated OR Fire Exit (they serve 2 purposes).


Design is another major factor that impacts the cost of steel doors. A plain steel door will cost much less than one which has fancy or complicated designs. The purpose of your steel door will guide you on which design is most suitable. If you are buying a steel door for your store, a plain one will do. However, if you are buying a steel door for your home or office, you may have to consider paying a little more so as to ensure you get a beautiful door that adds beauty to your building.


Finishing is another factor that contributes to the cost of steel doors. If you’re based in a coastal environment, you must stipulate this and a special marine grade finish will be applied to your door at an additional cost. Most suppliers will offer you steel doors that have standard powder coat finishes in various colours. If you need custom finishing on your steel door, you should be prepared to pay a much higher price. For example premium wood grain finishes and custom paints, which are available for your security door, but come with a premium price tag.

There are obviously a number of other factors that will influence the cost of a steel door. However, if you talk to your supplier about these four areas, you could save a few pounds. However, you should always remember to shop for steel doors from a reliable supplier who can guarantee the quality of the doors regardless of size, design, finishing or the combination of materials used to make them.