How To Fit A Drop Bar Kit

If you’ve already got steel doors for security reasons but you’re looking to add an extra safety measure, drop bars could be a good way to go about this.

A drop bar is a bar that can be easily placed into brackets on your door to add extra security when needed. The bar can be just as easily removed when the door needs to be used.

Latham’s drop bar kits include two bars – one to go across the top of the door and one to go across the bottom – giving more sturdiness than just one bar. They’re straightforward to install if you follow the instructions in your kit, and you can watch the video accompanying this article if you need any more guidance.

All you need to do is attach the brackets to your door, drop in the bars, and you’ve got an extra layer of security. The bars in the set are made to fit the Latham’s largest doors, so if your door is smaller you may need to cut the bars to size – or you could even get Latham’s to cut the bar to size for you, saving you an extra step.

How Do Drop Bars Work?

A drop bar essentially barricades the door, and makes the door and the frame into one solid unit, ultimately making the door harder to open.

So, even if someone managed to unlock a door, they still won’t be able to open it because of your drop bar – and it’ll make the door a lot harder to break down even for the most determined burglars.

The drop bars work slightly differently depending on whether the door opens inwards or outwards, so you may have to buy a different kit depending on which side of a door you want to add the bar to. Ask our security experts for more information here. 

Outward Opening Doors

On outward opening doors, the brackets are attached to the door itself. The bars are cut to the length of the door and the doorframe, so when someone attempts to open the door, the bar won’t be able to be pulled past the frame, preventing it from opening.

Inward Opening Doors

If your door opens inwards, the brackets need to be attached to the doorframe. This way, the bars prevent the door from opening, as it will simply hit the bar when pushed towards it.

Why Choose Latham’s Drop Bar Kit?

Latham’s make high quality steel drop bar kits, which you can fit yourself. Depending on whether you’re fitting the kit to a single or double door, the kits include four or eight steel brackets, two steel bars, and 16 to 32 pop rivets. You’ll also need a pop rivet gun and a drill with a 5mm steel HSS drill bit – a short drill bit is preferable because you don’t want to drill through the whole door.

Latham’s drop bar kits are excellent value, including all of the above equipment for just £60 plus VAT. It’s a small price to pay for an extra level of protection.

Given the high quality of Latham’s drop bar kits, they will last longer than a lower quality drop bar and keep your home or business safe for a long time.

No matter why you need extra security, a drop bar is a great way to achieve more safety on top of your steel doors. If you’re interested, look into Latham’s drop bar kits today, for further security advice get in touch today by calling +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us online.

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