Best Modern Security Gadgets

Top 10 of the Best Modern Security Gadgets

Technology is always improving and the rise of the smart home means there are a lot more options available when it comes to home security. While our high security front door is an excellent alternative to the ever common and extremely weak PVC door – you can never be too careful!  

  1. Kuna Light Fixtures

Security lights have been around for a while now but why not take it one step further? This is a traditional looking smart light which also features a HD camera and two way communication. It can send you notifications of activity to your phone, as well as sounding an alarm or playing pre-recorded messages to visitors. You can share access with family members or neighbours for when you’re away and you can even set your light to be motion sensitive or to be active at certain times of day.

  1. EZVIZ Lookout

Similar to a smart security light, this sort of gadget could very well be the future of the humble door viewer. Featuring built in facial recognition, night vision, HD video, human detection and two way audio. You no longer need to actually go to your front door to see who’s there, you can interact with visitors in real time or warn away trespassers whether you’re at home or not.

  1. Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

You can easily make your home ‘smart’ and more secure with a Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring kit, it comes with everything you need to keep an eye on your home from anywhere by just using the app on your phone. There are a number of items within the SmartThings range but this kit comes with a water leak sensor, motion sensors, multi purpose sensors and an outlet. All of these items will work together to notify you if there are any unexpected surprises and you can use them to turn lights on/off or control other electronic devices.

  1. Automatic Pro


Automatic Pro is a nifty new gadget designed to help secure your car, it can track its movements, notify you of any issues with your engine and provide crash alerts. The app will even contact emergency services for you in the event of an incident being detected and can be integrated with a number of other automotive apps. It’s simple to install too, you just need to attach it to the diagnostic port and you’re ready to go! Unfortunately this one is only available in the US for now but hopefully it will cross the pond in the near future

  1. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock


The Kwikset smart lock boasts a number of features including touch-to-open technology as well as being able to track who comes and goes. It works with various other smart gadgets such as smart thermostats, doorbells and watches.

It’s always great to have modern options fused with traditional systems, you can still use a manual key if you want to but you have the option to go digital and use your device to gain entry. This gadget is especially handy if you don’t have any hands free to find your keys or if you want to make sure your loved ones get home safely.

  1. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect is a staple for your smart home, its battery can last up to a decade and you can silence it from your phone instead of grabbing the nearest chair and broom! It will speak in a human voice to let you know if there is smoke around or you can get detailed notifications sent to your phone to tell you when something’s wrong. If you have multiple alarms and there is smoke in another room it will notify you, for example if there was smoke the kitchen downstairs it would tell you in your bedroom upstairs.

  1. Roost Smart Battery

If you’re looking for a more cost effective solution, a Rooster Smart Battery is also a great choice. You can instantly fit this clever little battery into your existing smoke alarm system to upgrade it. The battery will even send you notifications when your smoke alarm is going off, as well as when the battery is running low. That will get rid of those annoying chirps in the middle of the night! The battery is very reasonably priced and can last up to 5 years.

  1. Memory Switch


Remember the days when you’d ask a family member to come round while you’re on holiday and turn the lights on or that hefty timer switch that never seemed to work properly? Now you don’t have to worry about any of that; with memory switches you can automate your lights to come on at certain times of day through an app on your phone. You can even purchase switches which mimic your regular routine of turning lights off or you can set it to alternate, so anyone watching won’t think it’s just a timer doing it for you.


  1. Fake TV Light Box

 This is probably one of the less impressive gadgets on our list but it’s still very effective! The pattern and design of this is made to mimic the light which would come from your TV. If you’re planning on going out for the night but want that extra peace of mind, you can simply set this up as you leave and to the average person outside it will look like there is still someone at home watching TV.

  1. Microchip Pet Door Connect

Okay, so this one is mostly for pet owners but your intruder might not necessarily be human! This particular pet door by Sure Petcare is one of the most advanced flaps on the market. Through an app it can tell you whether your pet is at home, monitor its activity and its behaviour, it can prevent intruder animals from entering your home AND you can even set a curfew so that the flap will lock at a certain time. It will also store various pet identities for when you have welcome visitors.

Steel Security doors are also a great option for improving your home security, even if you’re on a budget – we have a wide range of steel doors to suit any building.

A popular option for homeowners is our 6 panel high security front door which comes equipped with our trademark 19 point locking mechanism and includes powder coating (to your choice of colour), a fitted letterbox, door viewer, door knocker and UPVC style handle.

Our dedicated sales team are always on hand to talk through your requirements, contact us today to find out more about our range of security front doors and accessories.

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