Fire Safety Audits: An Insight

Fire has serious and far-reaching consequences for businesses. In order to minimise risk to a premises, it’s necessary for all businesses to have regular fire audits. These are carried out by the local fire and rescue service, who will examine the premises and check all relevant documents are up to date and that there are effective plans in place should a fire occur. The fire service will also talk to staff, to check they have a good level of fire safety awareness.

What does a fire safety audit involve?

During a fire safety audit, the business owner will need to show all necessary precautions have been taken to prevent a fire from happening. The fire officer will walk around the property to make sure all the precautions that have been discussed are being put into practice. At the end of the visit, your premises will be given a rating to reflect the systems you have in place.

The following is a quick rundown of what to expect when you have a fire audit.

Planning and checking

The fire safety officer will check that a competent person is carrying out fire risk assessments on a regular basis, and that subsequent action plans are being made to improve practices and procedures. There needs to be a clear plan of what to do in event of an emergency, and preventative and protective measures need to have been taken to lower the likelihood of a fire occurring.

  • In order to make sure staff know what to do in the event of a fire, there needs to be evidence of regular fire drills and fire safety training. 
  • All equipment needs to be checked and maintained.
  •  There needs to be evidence of when this took place and by whom.
  •  All fire prevention and deterrent equipment needs to be tested regularly by someone competent. This includes a sprinkler system, emergency lighting, fire detection system, fire-rated doors, fire extinguishers and any other fire-related equipment. 
  • All checks need to be accurately logged.

 Safety measures: fire-rated doors

In preparation for your fire audit, it’s a good idea to review the fire prevention equipment you have at your premises, and check back to previous audits to ensure that all suggested measures have been implemented. Any preventative measures you have taken will look favourable during a fire audit.

To improve the likelihood of containing a fire, you should consider installing fire doors. A fire-rated door is designed to prevent a fire from spreading should the worse occur, in order to protect your staff, your premises and your equipment. The special material used to make the door expands when exposed to extreme heat so that fire cannot get past it. This protects your premises and gives people more time to escape. Having fire-rated doors lowers insurance costs, and they can be custom made to suit your specifications.

There are different styles of door available that fit the general look of the building. Fire doors are relatively easy to install and can be a very effective way to minimise the fire risk to your building.

Stay calm and assess your fire safety measures

A fire audit doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, and it’s likely that you’re already doing the things they will be looking for anyway – much of it is common sense. However, you should still review your procedures and precautions regularly to ensure that you are doing all you can.

With the right planning and preparation, it’s relatively simple to take precautions against fire so that your premises are a safe place to work. Fire is a powerful force that can cause chaos in a short space of time without the right precautions in place. Considering the possibility of fire is an important practice as a business owner to help prevent the loss of life and property in the future.

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