Security for your Site Cabin: Steel Doors & Window Shutters

There are some security elements that can’t be ignored when it comes to your site cabin or site container. These include intruder and fire alarms, emergency lighting, portable fire extinguishers, and systems for managing site access.

Whereas all of these things are vital, one often-overlooked security element is the access points. Here are some of the ways security steel doors and window shutters can protect you, no matter where your site cabin is located.

Keeping the Intruders Out

Site cabins need to offer peace of mind for those who work in them, and provide security for your belongings when vacant.

This becomes even more important if you’re using a site cabin in an isolated area or storing hazardous goods. Steel doors are virtually impossible to break into, and the best come with mortice locks for added security.

Fire Safety

While a fire on any site is a danger you never want to confront, steel doors are naturally fire resistant. By the same token, a fire that starts inside the site cabin is more likely to be contained by the doors, especially if they’re working alongside other fire safety devices such as smoke and fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers.

Securing your Security

When the Roman poet Juvenal asked who will guard the guards themselves he obviously wasn’t thinking of site cabins with security doors.

While many may think of this as an extreme measure, steel doors should be provided for security guard cabins in high-risk areas. Like many security door applications, the idea is to use steel doors as a second line of defence.

Security from the Elements

There’s little more windproof or waterproof than steel, and solid steel doors are the ultimate way to protect your belongings from the ravages of the weather. That is providing the steel is galvanised and coated with a good quality powder coating or paint. 

This is why you’ll find site cabins with steel doors in the most inhospitable of climates. If you need a portable office or storage space in an inhospitable climate, you won’t do better than a site cabin with steel doors.

Hygiene Assured

This is something most people don’t associate with steel doors. However, if you require a medical facility in an unsanitary environment, powder coated doors can provide the ultimate clean-door solution. From warzones to areas prone to disease outbreak, it’s amazing where you’ll find them.

Blast Resistant and Bulletproof

Site cabins can easily be fitted with bulletproof, blast-resistant doors for those occasions when heightened security is a must.

While you may think this is a touch over-reactive, it pays to remember that the oil industry regularly uses bombproof and bulletproof site cabins in sensitive or dangerous areas.

Similarly, ballistic proof doors can be used to contain explosions of ammunition or fireworks stored inside the site cabin. If steel doors can achieve this, it’s reasonable to assume there’s nothing they can’t protect you from.

Earthquake Resistant

Site cabins by their very nature are structurally stable, which is why you’ll find them in areas prone to earthquakes. All of this is rendered pointless, however, if you don’t have sound steel doors.

Steel is less likely to warp or collapse in an earthquake, meaning you’ll be able to secure them and keep your staff and belongings safe, not just during the quake but in typical aftermath scenarios such as aftershocks and looting. 

Termite and Woodworm Proof

Termites can destroy most structures, with very few exceptions. Thankfully, steel is one material termites can’t get through.

If you’re purchasing a site cabin on a temporary or permanent basis, it pays to be thorough when exploring your security needs.

Threats come in all shapes and sizes, and identifying and eliminating weak spots is essential. Steel doors provide maximum protection from all manner of threats, and while they won’t eliminate them completely, they’re one of your best forms of defence.

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