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Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets are proud to serve Ireland with their wide selection of steel doorsets, frames, and roller shutters.

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Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets is the UK’s leading supplier of high security steel doorsets. Our range is broad, from Personnel Doors ideal for residential properties to Fire Exit Doors and Security Doors designed to safeguard commercial and industrial premises from fire and crime. Our huge stock supply ensures the timely shipping of even large quantity orders, whether you want them delivered straight to your door or for collection from our distribution centre. We also offer bespoke steel doors in any size, specification and certification so, no matter your circumstances, you know you can find the door for you at Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets.


Crime and the security of private property is a concern for homeowners and business owners alike throughout the UK and Ireland. Even though Ireland has seen an overall decrease in its crime rate, the economic downturn has seen a rise in related offences. This translates directly to theft and related crimes as individuals resort to illegal activity in order to make ends meet. We all work hard to make a living and the theft or invasion of our property can have severe consequences, both financially and in terms of our well-being. Stress, fear and monetary loss are just some of the ways in which crime can impact on our lives to detrimental effect.

How we Help

In Ireland, theft accounts for a third of all reported crimes, while figures show robberies are up 22 percent and burglaries are up by 6 percent over the last five years. Fortunately, the simple investment in a steel security doorset can dramatically reduce these risks. The addition of a secure door serves the dual purposes of securing your property while minimalising the appeal and accessibility of the building to potential intruders.

But by securing your premises with a trusted Latham’s Steel Security Doorset, you know you’re in safe hands. View our steel security doors.

To talk to us further about our Steel Security Doorsets and our Ireland delivery options, call us on 01384 220 050 or contact us here.

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