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What is your standard size?

A misconception in the steel door market is that there is a ‘standard size’. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy, hence us having to stock over 20 sizes!

If you’re building an generic personnel door opening, we recommend building the aperture at: 900mm x 2025mm which is ideal for our 895mm x 2020mm door set. Of course you have to think about the use for this door:

  • Do you need to get large objects through, like a lawn mower or motorcycle?
  • Do you need the door opening to comply with DDA Compliance (disability discrimination act)?
  • If the door is a fire exit, what is the occupancy level of the building? This will dictate a strict minimum clear opening width.

The most popular pre-existing openings are 900mmx2100mm and 1000mmx2100mmm. We can satisfy these sizes very easily with our 895mm and 995mm wide doors, with an additional 75mm over panel, to take the height up to 2095mm.

We pride ourselves in offering the largest range of stock sizes ready for immediate dispatch. Every steel security door listed on our website comes complete with a frame and clear sizing guide. Sizes are viewed using the drop down menu to the right hand side of “Size mm:”.

Please be aware the sizes provided on our website are external frame sizes.

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