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Why does the powder coat service add to your lead time?

All of our stock doors are already pre-finished in a white powder coat.

When you choose to change the colour of your steel door and frame, it requires a comprehensive set of manufacturing processes. They are listed below:

  1. Your order is processed
  2. Warehouse department pick your steel door and take it to the manufacturing department
  3. The manufacturing department unpack your door & a QC inspection takes place
  4. It is then taken to disassembly where the door and frame are stripped of hardware
  5. The door is cleaned of all contaminants and hung ready for powder coat
  6. The powder coat department coat your door, frame and any accessories then move them to the oven
  7. Once baked it is let to cool, QC checked and the moved to re-assembly
  8. Re-assembly re-build your door and move it to final QC
  9. Once QC has passed, it is taken to repackaging and repackaged
  10. The warehouse department then re-collect your door and take it to the dispatch area

Crucially, for the quality to meet our exacting standards, we factor in additional time for thorough QC inspections and re-coating of powder coat if required.

We aim to complete this process in 10-15 working days, but can fast track urgent jobs through in as quickly as 24 hours if required.

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