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How to reverse the handing of a Hooply handle

It is crucial that you use the correctly handed set of Hooply handles with your steel door, since the fixings are exposed on the interior handle. Also, the privacy latch thumb snib is featured on the interior handle – both of which you must have on the inside of the door or the side not exposed to attack.

If you have ordered the incorrect handle or decided to rotate your door around to open in the opposite direction, you will need the opposite hand of door handle. You can reverse the handing of your handles using the following steps:

  • Take your handle, turn it over so you can see the mechanism
  • Remove the circlip using circlip pliers
  • Remove the metal retainer
  • Remove the plastic shim
  • Flip the spring over to the opposite side
  • *Top Tip* – To keep tensions of the spring, hold the lever parallel with the base plate
  • Reassemble, replacing the components in the opposite order to above.

You will need to do this for both the interior and exterior handles. Some handles have slightly different mechanisms and components, but the above covers the majority.

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