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Do your doors come with a frame?

We pride ourselves in offering the all in one security door solution. When you purchase a steel door from us, it will include:

  1. Steel door frame and threshold
  2. Steel door leaf
  3. Hinges
  4. All locks and hardware:
    • Personnel doors: multi point locking mechanism
    • Fire exit doors: exidor panic hardware
    • Blank doors: no hardware
  5. Weather Seals
  6. Pre-finished in white powder coat, unless a colour change is added to the order

So yes, all of our doors are supplied with a frame. They are pre-hung with the hinges for ease of installation.

The only part that isn’t included are the fixings, which we highly recommended are purchased at order stage. Our comprehensive fixing kit includes speed fit screw out lugs, fixings, a drill bit, silicone and even the tool to tighten the fixings!

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