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Can I cut your doors down to reduce the height?

If our standard steel door height of 2020mm is too tall for your opening, we can cut the door down to reduce this to as low as 1900mm; in certain circumstances we have managed to reduce this further.

Firstly, we offer this service in-house and highly recommend that you choose our team to do this for you. Find out more about our door modification services here.

If you choose to do this yourself, we recommend that a maximum of 25mm can be cut off the top of the frame (contrary to the image shown above!). This can be done by striking a line across the top section of the frame and using an angle grinder to cut.

To reduce the door down in height further than 25mm, we can remove this from the bottom of the door and frame. This involves putting a cap over the bottom of the door leaf and sending a new threshold loose to be installed directly to the floor.

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