Steel Doors in Westminster

The City of Westminster represents the political heart of the UK with the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Along with such political significance, Westminster is home to many corporations’ headquarters and retailers – particularly on the world-renowned Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus; which is famous for its lights and billboards, as well as its collection of restaurants and diners.

Crime in the City of Westminster

Since Westminster is home to the UK’s largest high street stores and restaurants, the streets are full of shoppers on a daily basis – with plenty of cash and valuables with them. Therefore it is of little surprise that the area of Westminster is prime location for pickpockets and petty thieves. Store owners and managers must also be prepared with security systems to tackle the problems posed by night-time crime of thieves and vandals.

Stores hold millions of pounds worth of merchandise and it is important to secure premises sufficiently during closing hours and at night. A popular and relatively inexpensive method of doing so is to install heavy high quality steel doors with firm locking systems which are designed for maximum security and durability. This can help to deter potential intruders and keep buildings and offices safe from theft and harm.

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