Steel Doors in Swansea

Swansea is the second biggest city in Wales, and has a unique history in industry – contributing a massive amount to the mining and export business over the past decades. Swansea’s port originally specialised in trading wine, wool, cloth, copper, and of course – coal. During the 17th Century, Swansea’s population dramatically grew by over 500%, and the city became one of the most important in the UK.

Currently, Swansea has a population of around 239,000 inhabitants. It is a core business centre for South Wales and the South West of the UK. This popularity for businesses means that safety and security is an important consideration.

Steel Doors in Swansea

For home properties and residencies in Swansea, steel doors have now become a viable option in terms of appearance and in terms of cost. Strong steel doors have improved in recent years so that they are more subtle and appropriate for homes, whilst not compromising on security. Equally, for businesses that want a subtle yet strong front door, steel doors have now become the best option on the market, with considerable benefits when compared to traditional wood or PVC doors.

Security Doors

Being a large city, Swansea properties are susceptible to crime, as is the case in most populous areas of the UK. High quality 12-point steel security doors can provide that little bit extra security to your commercial or industrial property in Swansea. Whether you need protection from weather, crime, wear, or simply for peace of mind, our steel security doors provide a great solution.

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