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The coastal city of Southampton is one of the largest towns on the south coast and is home to a major port, a successful Premier League football club, and two highly-respected Universities.

Southampton has vast communications links and is responsible for large volumes of imported and exported goods. Subsequently, there is a thriving industrial economy that is home to hundreds of businesses as the docks have long been a large employer. Whilst the ship-building and container industries keep many businesses afloat, Southampton is also renowned for it’s large health and education sectors.

Steel Security Doors in Southampton

Security is paramount in and around the docklands area as many threats can arrive from the water. Security doors are essential for all coastal premises and here at Latham’s we have the perfect steel security doors to protect your business against any potential break-in threat. Whilst coastal property is close to water, the threat of fire is still very high. Large machinery, vehicles and the variety of shipped goods provide an obvious fire risk and staff within a commercial property should be protected by effective fire exit doors.

For residential customers in Southampton, we provide a number of steel doors that – although supremely strong – are also incredibly subtle, and perfectly suited to residential properties and terraced housing. As with all major towns and cities across the UK, preventing crime has to be a consideration for residents, and out steel doors provide an ideal solution to protecting access points.

If you would like to find out more about fire and security doors, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with no obligation, or call 01384 220 050 today.

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