Steel Doors in Norwich

Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets are proud to serve the city of Norwich, in the county of Norfolk. For many years, we have provided families and businesses in Norwich with high quality steel doors to protect their properties.

The city of Norwich has a population of over 200,000, and has a rich history in a number of different industries. During the 20th Century, the area was known across Europe for shoes, clothing, joinery, and structural engineering. It is also well-known for its history of brewing beers and ales. Today, Norwich is a thriving city, and the main business centre for Norfolk. Since Roman times, there has been a busy marketplace – and this trend has followed through to modern day, as many popular retail outlets operate throughout the city.

Security in Norwich

Like in all major cities across the UK, residences and businesses in Norwich must ensure that their properties are protected from crime and vandalism. Our high security steel doors can provide the extra layer of security for you and can act as a major deterrence to potential intruders. Furthermore, for residential and commercial properties, our doors are subtle – so you don’t have to compromise on the all-important aesthetics.

We look forward to continuing our important work in Norwich, providing customers with the very best quality steel doors to protect their properties.

For more information about the steel security doorsets that we supply to clients in Norwich, take a look at our collection and contact us with any enquiries by calling 01384 220 050.

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