Steel Doors in Newham

Newham, to the North of the River Thames on the eastern side of London, has a population of nearly 315,000.

Perhaps best known for Eastenders, Newham is home to many small businesses and shopping centres.

The Olympic Stadium for the London Games of 2012 is situated in Newham – an event which attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world and continues to bring in visitors. Newham also hosts West Ham United, one of the biggest professional football clubs in the country. Matches attract thousands of supporters each week.

Protecting Business Property in Newham

Newham has a lot of commercial activity – with thousands of visitors each week – and does therefore inevitably encounter problems with crime. Although robbery and burglary-related crime has been falling in the last two years, business and residential owners must remain prudent. If doors are insufficiently secure, premises can be easily broken into which makes installing heavy duty secure steel doors very important.

At AJ Lathams Steel Doors we are a leading UK provider of steel security and fire doors. If you are interested in what we can provide for your home or commercial property give us a call on 01384 220050 or email us at [email protected].

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