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Newcastle [upon Tyne] is located on the northern banks of the River Tyne, and is just over 13km from the North Sea. This means it is excellently located for industry, which is one of the reasons it succeeded as an industrial mining hub. In the 16th century it also acted as one of the world’s largest shipbuilding areas.

As the UK moved on from the Industrial Revolution, Newcastle diversified into a more corporate role, with the city providing a buoyant economy for technology, retail and tourism.

As with all urban and city locations, safe and secure access to your property is incredibly important. The city presents a number of different challenges and requirements to a rural area, and as such the correct specification of security and fire door is vital. Crime and vandalism is an important consideration for homes and commercial properties in the Newcastle area, and we are proud to offer security doors that protect properties and provide peace of mind.

High Security Fire Exits

Standard Duty Steel Fire Exit Doors are a great solution for those needing an extremely secure fire door for their commercial or industrial property. With a standard issue centrally located crash bar, as well as security features like anti-jemmy bar lip, dog bolts, heavy duty hinges, drill/impact proof locks, reinforced fixing plates, etc, these types of doors offer the perfect compromise between high security steel door, and fire exit door.

12 Point Locking Steel Doors

For those who don’t require the fire exit door specifications, a normal high security steel door should do the trick. Similar to the Fire Exit door in security specification, this door features 12 point locks and level handles for ease of use. A range of colour and style options can be applied to most of our doors, ensuring they remain in keeping with the style and aesthetics of your property.

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