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Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets are proud to provide our services in the inspirational city of Hull and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. For residences and commercial properties in Hull, we offer top quality steel security doorsets at very affordable prices.

Hull has a huge sporting heritage, and is a hub for the region’s Rugby League. There are two high class Rugby League clubs in Hull – Hull FC and Hull KR. The city is also home to a successful football team that has played in the Premier League for a number of seasons.

The city of Hull has always been considered as one of the North’s great industrial areas, with a particular focus on the whaling and fishing trade. The river Hull and the Humber docks played a major part in the development of the economy in the area, and indeed the port still handles around 13 million tonnes of cargo annually.

In the Second World War, Hull was severely affected by the relentless Nazi bombing of the UK. Up to 95% of the city’s homes were destroyed or damaged. However, the spirit of the population in the area shone through and Hull was rebuilt. It survived a period of struggle through the following decades and in 2013, officials voted that Hull should be named the 2017 City of Culture; a major achievement.

Security in Hull

As with every major city in the UK, Hull has some issues with crime. Due to its large population and areas of unemployment, businesses and homes in the city and the surrounding area need to take precautions to protect their property. This is where our steel doorsets can help. Steel doors add an important layer of security to residential or commercial properties, and their subtle nature means that they also look great.

If you live in Hull and your property requires a steel security door, take a look through our collection to find the perfect doorset.

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