Steel Doors in Havering

Havering of North East London is home to a population of around 240,000 residents. It is also the home of over 7,000 businesses – the majority of which have offices based in Romford.

Romford has a significant night-time economy with a large number of pubs and nightclubs. This contributes to making Havering a cosmopolitan and dynamic hub of East London. Residential developments have slowly begun to take precedence over from industrial activity.

Crime Prevention in Havering

There are high rates of crime in Havering; for a region with such a low population density. A strong night-time economy means that there are many people walking the streets at night, so business and homeowners in the area must take care in protecting their premises from late-night criminal activities.

They can be sure of this by installing secure steel doors inside and outside of their property that keep buildings safe from intruders.

AJ Lathams Steel Doors are a UK leader in providing highly secure steel doors for your business or residential property. For more information about our doors and their benefits for you call us today on 01384 220050 or email us at [email protected]

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