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Dundee is officially recognised as the fourth largest city in Scotland. It has a rich Medieval history and due to the major industries that have grown in Dundee from the 19th century it is known for the phrase “jute, jam and journalism.”

Dundee is famous for many things, one of these being built from the above epithet- the Dandy, the Beano, Desperate Dan and Oor Wullie all originate from Dundee. It is often promoted with a new phrase- ‘One City, Many Discoveries’ to commemorate the scientific discoveries made by Robert Falcon Scott in his Antarctic vessel known as the RSS Discovery.

The best way to get a great uninterrupted view of Dundee is by driving to the Law which offers a 360 degree view of Tay Bridge (the bridge that replaces the demolished disaster of 1879), the Tay Road Bridge, the Tay estuary that feeds into the North Sea and the rest of Dundee in all its beauty. Things are changing in Dundee specifically their £1 billion plan to reconnect the Waterfront to the city centre, a plan that started in 2001 and has a 30 year deadline. There are also plans in place to open a Dundee Victoria and Albert Museum in 2015 with an expense of £45 million.

Being placed on the estuary the way Dundee is, there are many additional threats to security that can arrive via the water. Property that is closer to water can be at a higher risk so residential owners may find it beneficial to invest in a high security steel front door that fits the look and feel of their homes with the additional security that only steel can provide.

Metal Security Doors Dundee

Latham’s provide a variety of steel security doors for businesses and homeowners, including:

If you need further information to help protect your business against theft, or you would like discuss a bespoke security solution for your company, get in touch with our friendly sales team today!

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