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Cardiff, similarly to Liverpool, is excellently located for industry due to being situated on a major river and on the coast. Sitting on banks of the Taff river, its history dates back to its foundation as a city in 1905. Cardiff remains an industrial and commercial hub to this day, still utilising its famous docklands.

For modern businesses, Cardiff is well-placed on the M4 motorway, linking South Wales to Bristol and further East towards London. Excellent rail routes also link the city to Birmingham and the North. This superb access makes the city ideal for enterprise, and the surrounding suburban areas are home to residents that commute not only into the city, but to other key commercial areas such as Swansea and Newport.

Population wise, Cardiff is the largest city in Wales (over 350,000 residents). As the capital of Wales, Cardiff is home to a huge number of businesses, commercial and industrial buildings, and privately owned residences. In a massive city, all of these are susceptible to vandalism and intrusion; reinforced doors continue to be an excellent investment for any city situated property.

Steel Front Doors

12 point locking steel front doors make an excellent choice for residential property owners who would like the additional security of a steel door, without the heavy duty appearance of a traditional high security door. These doors are designed to be in-keeping with the look and feel of your home, whilst housing a plethora of security features to make them virtually impenetrable to an opportunist thief/vandal.

High Security Doors

One of our 19 point locking high security doors is the perfect solution for a commercial or industrial property that needs a secure access point which doesn’t need to be residentially styled. With a range of security features like high quality draught and weather seals, stainless steel heavy duty hinges, 2 dog bolts / security studs, DDA compliant flat stainless steel threshold, anti jemmy bar lip, reinforced fixing plates, and more, these doors, like all of our doors, are very secure!

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