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The beautiful and historic city of Bristol boasts a big population (it has the eighth biggest city population in the UK), a rich history and a bustling economy.

Bristols coastal location and subsequent use as a seaport has given it a long tradition of being involved with trade and remains a major importer to this day (for example, it’s the largest importer of cars in the UK). However, Bristol no longer relies on its seaport status to drive its economy and is heavily supported by the finance and high-tech (think computers and micro-electronics) sectors. The cities nine million yearly tourist visits shows that tourism isn’t doing too badly here either.

Security in Bristol

As is the case in every major city (or built up area), security for your premises is a must. One of the best ways of securing your property is by using steel security doors – with the door being one of the main entry points, it is normally the one mostly exploited by intruders.

Our steel security doors (from our Multi Point Locking High Security Door to our Safe Room Ultra High Security Door) are built to stop intruders – preventing an intrusion is far more valuable than allowing it to happen and then rely on security systems to prevent theft or vandalism.

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