Steel Doors in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a large town on the South Coast of England, and according to a recent census has a population of approximately 183,500. Its history is well established, and the town is known as an area for fishermen and smugglers.

In these modern times, Bournemouth is considered a major financial centre and economic hub of the South Coast. Tourism is essential to the area, and 2011 reports suggest that this industry is worth over £460 million.

Secure & Subtle Front Doors

As with all large towns and cities across the UK, homes and businesses in Bournemouth must consider the security of their property. Steel doors have become more and more acceptable across all walks of life, due to their fair price and improved subtlety. People often consider steel doors to be bulky and obvious, but at Latham’s, we stock doors that will fit effortlessly and seamlessly onto the front of your property. For residential properties, and commercial premises in the service industry, it is important that security doesn’t compromise aesthetics, and our range of security doors provide the perfect balance.

Our 12 point locking doors are perfect for homes or businesses that need a highly secure access point. The durable protective nature of our steel doors is ideal for any property, and especially appropriate in seaside towns where the sea spray and harsh air can gradually damage doors, windows, locks, and paintwork.

For more information about our steel security doorsets, get in touch today by calling 01384 220 050.

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