Steel Doors in Birmingham

With Birmingham having the largest number of residents in the UK outside of London, it’s no surprise businesses do well here. As with many UK cities, it has gone from being primarily industrial based to having a service-sector dominated economy and is the third largest financial employment centre. However, far from being solely business focused, the arts thrive here, hosting the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and one of the UK’s major ballet companies, the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Steel Door Security in Birmingham

With such a growing economy, it is important that businesses stay adequately secured – Birmingham, as can be expected for a city, has a higher than average crime rate. But by protecting your property or premises with high security steel doors, you can deter all but the most determined intruder. Furthermore, a steel door no longer has to be obvious and noticeable, as they are now designed with residential properties and commercial premises in mind. This means that they are subtle and blend into the aesthetics of these properties perfectly, whilst offering supreme protection.
At Latham’s, we have a huge selection to choose from, ranging from 12 point locking high security doors to heavy duty fire exit doors, meaning that whatever your needs, we have you covered.
If you’d like to find out more about our range of steel doors, please get in touch with us today by calling 01384 220 050.

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