Steel Doors in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third most populous cities and the 37th most populous area in the United Kingdom with an estimated population of 220,420. It has many nicknames such as the ‘Granite City’, the ‘Grey City’ and the ‘Silver City with the Golden Sands’ all due to the locally sought granite that is used to build Aberdeen’s sparkling silver buildings.

The city has a long and beautiful coastline hosting many traditional industries such as paper-making, shipbuilding, fishing and textiles although the majority of these have been overshadowed by the booming oil industry and the large seaport that Aberdeen houses. Aberdeen hosts the busiest commercial heliport in the world and its seaport is the largest in the whole of the north-east Scotland.

Aberdeen boasts many accomplishments – in 2012 HSBC named the city as a ‘leading business hub’ and one of eight ‘super cities’ that was leading the United Kingdom’s economy. It is the only city in Scotland ever to receive such high praise. Aberdeen has also won the Britain in Bloom competition twelve times, which is a record breaking achievement.

Aberdeen is twinned with many cities across the world, most notably Regensburg in Germany, Clermont-Ferrand in France, Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and Stavanger in Norway. Notable people from Aberdeen include Leslie Benzies, the creator of the Grand Theft Auto series, Lord Byron, a poet, and Robbie Renwick, a gold medalist swimmer.

Security in Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s seaport, whilst impressive, brings in a lot of additional security and safety concerns. The additional threats that can arrive through the port need to be addressed, especially by properties that live close to the port or close to water. This is why it would be beneficial for residential properties to invest in a steel door that adds a higher level of safety and peace of mind, yet fits nicely within the decor of their home. For residential properties as well as commercial premises, steel doors can provide amazing peace of mind.

If you need further information to help protect your business against theft, or you would like discuss a bespoke security solution for your company, get in touch with our friendly sales team today by calling 01384 220 050!

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