6 Panel Security Front Door – 995×2020 | Ripple White | 6879-166

£899.99 £479.99 +VAT (£575.99 inc. VAT)

Clearance Door Code: 6879-166

Size (mm): 995×2020

Hinge Side & Opening (looking from outside): Right hand hinged, opening inwards

Colour: Ripple White

Comments: 90% – repair to the inside of the door between the bottom panel and bottom of the door

Please Note: Any items ordered with the door will be powder coated to suit if required. Second image in gallery shows a door knocker; this is a stock image showing another configuration of this door. Please refer to the main image showing a door viewer.

Availability: 1 in stock

If this door isn’t suitable to your requirements you can view a new version of this door here for a full range of options and add-ons.

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