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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and some of the most promising gadgets are designed with the smart home in mind.

Whether you’re looking for the latest smart home security system, or a nifty little gizmo to keep you and your precious belongings safe and sound, here is a selection of the best modern security gadgets for 2015.


Suitable for home security or small businesses, Dropcam is a clever system with a twist: it allows the user to ‘drop’ into the room and chat to its occupants.

Easy to install and set up, you can receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and conduct two-way conversations with whoever is in the room. You can also record footage using the optional cloud storage facility.

Blink HD Home Monitoring and Alert System

Product of a recent Kickstarter campaign, Blink is an ultra-affordable wireless home security sensor that monitors sound, temperature and motion, and has night-time capabilities.

If the system detects something amiss in your home, it sends an alert via the free smartphone app with a video clip if motion was detected. The battery lasts for approximately one year.

Canary Home Security System

Canary is an intelligent monitoring system with a range of different sensors. The HD camera detects motion and sends an alert to your smartphone so you can decide whether to alert the police or trigger the alarm.

The other sensors track noise, temperature, air quality, humidity and it even takes note of your usual activity to avoid raising false alarms.


SkyBell is a Wi-Fi doorbell that allows you to answer your door from your smartphone. The device has a night-vision camera so you can see who’s at your door regardless of the time of day, and the microphone lets you chat to them. The device can be set up for multiple users.

Philips Hue

One of the most well-known connected lighting systems, Wi-Fi enabled Philips Hue LED light system lets you control the colour and intensity of various lights throughout your home using an app on your smartphone.

In security terms, this means you can produce a random pattern of lights that is usually only possible if somebody is at home.

Light Switch Timer

Light switch timers have been used for years to set lamps to switch on at dedicated times. But until recently, there hasn’t been anything suitable for your wall light switches.

Switched On Products has designed a solution – their Security Light Switch Timer fits on a 1, 2, or 3 gang switch and can be programmed to switch on and off as required.

Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that connects to your Wi-Fi. This clever device talks to you in a human voice if it detects something amiss, telling you what the problem is and which room it’s in so you can plan a safe escape.

It also sends an alert to your phone, so if you’re not at home you can raise the alarm before the fire takes hold.

Samsung EXON Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Biometrics are changing the face of security and the latest product from Samsung is one of the best. This biometric door lock combines fingerprint access with a pin number so you can be confident of controlling access to your home.

The device can register up to 100 fingerprints and if you need to let guests in you can temporarily disable the fingerprint requirement.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control systems are becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the UK. Using fingerprint technology coupled with contactless cards and a keypad, these canny devices allow bosses to control access to the premises and keep track of attendance and time spent at work.

Step Off Door Alarm

Finally, this may not be the fanciest gadget on our list, but it’s certainly effective. You don’t need to worry about any sort of connectivity – simply place the device inside your door and if an unwanted visitor steps on it, it triggers an extremely loud alarm.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be confined to your home – if you want to feel safe in a foreign hotel room, simply slip it into your suitcase.

One form of security that never goes out of fashion is steel security doors. To learn more about using them to protect your home or business premises, get in touch with Latham’s Steel Security Doors today by calling 01384 220 050 or contact us online.