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1. I didn’t think steel doors were available for use at home…

Most people don’t! People often think of charming wooden doors or conservatory/patio glass, but steel is rarely noted due to its seemingly conspicuous appearance.

In reality, steel doors don’t have a metallic appearance whatsoever – in fact, they look just like regular PVC doors. Steel doors can often cost less than traditional doors and frames and are therefore most certainly suitable for home use, especially once you factor in the additional time charged by your carpenter to fit locks, plane doors/frames to suit e.t.c!


2. How strong are they?

Steel doors are chosen for their security traits, and of course a good protective door wouldn’t be much good if it wasn’t tough!
Models can be built to satisfy your applciation and resist all kinds of elements: weather, fire and all forms of intrusion, so you can sleep comfortably knowing that nothing will pass.


3. How easy are they to install?

Any builder or door installer person will be able to install your steel door with ease.
Of course, the material is heavier than wood or uPVC, but the principles of door installation remain consistent regardless of weight.
We encourage any handyman to install our doors as our instructional videos and material walk you through every aspect of fitting the door comprehensively.

For detailed information, visit our detailed how to videos.


4. Steel doors sound expensive…

Super strong steel doors sound expensive, don’t they? In fact, they are much more reasonable than you would probably think…
Latham’s Steel Security Doors prices start at just £139.99(+VAT) and as we have already outlined, they’re much stronger and safer than traditional doors!


5. What are the other benefits of steel doors?

Unlike wooden doors which require regular maintenance and treatment, steel doors require very little maintenance, providing they’re manufactured from a reputable source, using premium materials: hinges, locks and all moving parts must be stainless steel and the door make up must be galvanised and powder coated to a high standard. We are proud to say that we tick those boxes, so buy from Latham’s Security Doors with complete peace of mind!