How to Fit a 19 Point Locking Single Steel Door Set

Fitting your new 19 point Locking Single Steel Door can be managed by do-it-yourselfers but is not a chore the unpracticed handyman may want to tackle. This guide will help. If you follow the steps in this description and enlist a strong helper, you can fit the new steel door with relative ease. Just remember not to rush, allow plenty of time and you will soon be on your way to increased security with the most durable door on the market. If the process is overwhelming, invest a little more and have the door installed by the distributor or a recommended installer. You can also watch our youtube videos for additional help.

Step 1

Open the packaging, remove all wrappings and protective shipping materials. Lay all items before you, making sure not to discard a piece that may be needed during installation.

Step 2

Take your time, handle each piece and inspect the new doorset, looking for nicks, chips, scratches or damaged elements. If any element is not fully operational, stop what you are doing and call the provider. Do not proceed until you have established contact and discussed your concerns. Do not be afraid to call. If you have purchased high security heavy duty door handles and/or a high security cylinder, review the specific fitting instructions. Check all parts and do not lock until you have read the instructions. See Step 9.

Step 3

Once ready to go, your next step is to remove the existing door and frame. Check the aperture for unevenness. Insect the opening and remove any irregular surfaces such as plaster. You goal is to create an even, plum, square and clean surface.

Step 4

Locate the new keys which will be in a bag attached to one of the fixing plates. Your keys have a unique ABC system that promises optimum security. 2 loose fitters’ keys (A keys) are intended for fitting purposes only. The Gold or Skeleton Key is the Master Key. Once deployed, the Master Key will deactivate the A keys and simultaneously permit use of the 5 C Keys which are contained in the package. Destroy and discard the two A Keys. The Master Key can be used as a suitable key for the locking device. That affords the owner six working keys. Make sure these keys are stored securely because they cannot be duplicated. Do not test the lock until the door leaf is prop up to prevent the bottom shot bolts from hitting the ground and being damaged. See Step 9.

Step 5

Lift and prop the door to the vertical position. Use the key to retract the latch. You will need a helper because the door leaf in your new steel door is heavy. It is recommend that you place a length of soft wood or polystyrene under the door on the hinge side. Once in place, press the strip down on the threshold with your foot. Remove the door leaf from the door and place in a good storage place in the vertical position. You may choose to protect the leaf with some of the packaging used to ship the product.

Step 6

Use your spirit level to align the frame. Be sure to check it is plumb and squared. If not horizontally aligned, apply packers under the threshold. Use fixing plate holes as your guides. Drill into the brick work, insert the fixings and begin to tighten. Use packers placed above or below the fixing points to prevent the plates from compromising the frame. It is too early to fully tighten the fixings.

Step 7

Use your spirit level to check the square and plumb alignment of the hinge side frame. Tighten the fixings on the hinge side only. Placing the door leaf back on the hinges (help is recommended) be sure the clearance is equal around the door and between the frame by gently shutting the door. If adjustments are necessary, loosen frame fixings and apply shims as needed. Tighten fixing on latching side. Continue to test until properly aligned.

You are still not ready to test the lock. See Step 9.

Step 8

Drill holes through the pre-punched holes in the threshold. Be sure the bottom shoot bolts have sufficient space to extend fully with comfortable space around and below the 15mm diameter and 25mm depth opening.

Step 9

Open the door slowly several times to test that the shoot bolts are opening freely. If so, you may now test the locking system by turning the key in two full rotations. If the shoot bolts are working smoothly and if the locks are locking and unlocking correctly, you have been successful. If the locks are not operating correctly, take your time and identify the stress and make adjustments. Do not force the key.

Step 10

To install standard issue handles, fix the 2 gold thread extensions to the external handle (handle minus the thumb turn). Insert the spring into the spindle cavity and follow with the spindle. Apply the plastic gasket. Insert the second spring into the cavity. Pull the thumb turn down being sure it is inserted in the applicable hole for alignment purposes. Now, use the other plastic gasket to align and affix the screw into the external handle. Be careful not to over-tighten as this could bow the door and/or jam the lock.

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