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At Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets security is our number one priority, and our product range reflects this. In addition to our industry-leading steel doors we stock a wide range accessories, fixings, sealants and other security devices designed to help keep you and your premises safe.

Meet the latest addition to our security range: Latham’s Security Code Lock.

Code locks

Code locks represent the top end of door security. Easy to install, high quality and incredibly effective, code locks are combination-secured, meaning only individuals with the correct combination can gain access to your premises.

Share the combination with authorised personnel and walk away confident that your premises are secured. No keys necessary! Concerned that your combination has been leaked? Change it regularly to maintain security and keep potential intruders second-guessing.

Why choose a code lock?

The applications for code locks are numerous. Schools, commercial areas and other fast-paced environments benefit hugely from code locks, which keep areas protected without impeding access by authorised personnel. High-footfall areas have always presented security issues; not so with the code lock.

Warehouses and other industrial areas with restricted access can also be improved with code locks. Install several across your site and walk away, confident that only individuals with the combination specific to each lock can access a certain area.

Latham’s Security Code Lock

No one does security like Latham’s and our code lock is no exception. Between our leading service and quality manufacturers, our code lock set offers a number of advantages not seen from other distributors. Let’s look at what the pack contains:

  • Code Lock instruction manual 
  • 2 x Lever handles 
  • 1 x Fixing kit 
  • 1 x Spindle kit 
  • 2 x Rubber gaskets 
  • 2 x Code locks (front and rear)

The price is £120.00+VAT for the whole kit and delivery.

Installing your code lock…

…couldn’t be easier. Delivery is prompt, as with all our services. Each code lock pack comes with an instruction manual, assembly is quick and easy.

Keys can be forged, doors jimmied, locks forced, but not so with Latham’s Security Code Lock. For extra security, pair your Security Code Lock with one of our steel doors. Assign a memorable code and sleep easily, safe in the knowledge that your residential, commercial or industrial premises are secured.

To find out more about our Security Code Locks, call us on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or get in touch here.