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Installing a rain drip set is one of the simplest yet most practical ways you can stop water ingress through your door.

Provide Safe/Dry Access

Your doorway is more than the entrance to your building or home. It also offers a valuable first impression for customers and guests. Driving rainwater away from your doorway means your customers and staff won’t walk straight into a pool of water once inside. It’s a small measure that goes a long way.

Keep Water From Leaking Underneath Your Door

Rain can easily spill from overhead guttering, run down door surfaces to pool at the bottom of your door/threshold and work its way inside. A rain drip set perts this water as far from your door as possible, meaning it won’t pool under your door and get inside. There’s nothing worse than the effects of water on internal flooring and carpets, and a rain drip set stops the problem before it occurs.

Stop Wooden Doors and Frames Deteriorate

Putting a rain drip set on your door can prevent moisture from leaking into the internal door cavity. While this isn’t a problem with steel doorframes, wooden frames naturally expand with moisture and can also rot. Warping at the bottom of the frame will prevent you from shutting the door tightly and can be extremely expensive to remedy. The UK throws a lot of rain at the exterior of your home and business, and a steel rain drip set will offer a level of protection that’s second to none.

Stop Slip Accidents

Rain drips are mainly used with inward opening doors as the seal is usually exposed on the external side, open to the elements. Liquid on internal flooring is one of the most common reasons for slip and trip accidents in the home and workplace. The simple installation of a rain drip set can save you from an unpleasant experience involving injured staff and personal injury lawyers.

Reduce Maintenance

If you’re finding yourself clearing away puddles and debris after a heavy rainfall, a rain drip set will immediately lessen your workload.
As the water perts away from your door, so does your need to clean up rainwater. If this isn’t enough to invest in a rain drip set, the sets themselves require very little-to-no maintenance.

Protect Resale Value

Water damage in homes and businesses is near the top of the list of reasons why people don’t buy property. Considering that water can get under joists and wreak havoc on walls and floors, the installation of a rain drip set can save you a lot of headaches and expense down the road.

If you’re about to sell and somebody notices water damage, you will be obliged to disclose it from that point on. Prevention in the immediate term is always better than trying to rectify a problem later.

As you can see, rain drips are an easy and cost-effective solution to a myriad of rainwater problems. Thankfully, they’re also quick to install, requiring a quick measurement of your door, a handsaw to cut the rain drip to length, and three fixings to keep it secure.

Given the amount of rain the UK receives in an average year, installing a rain drip set is one of the best investments you could make in keeping your property and staff safe.

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