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Lock snapping. How can I prevent it?

The terms “lock snapping” or “cylinder snapping” are widely used terms especially by professionals such as locksmiths. Lock snapping is one of the oldest techniques used by burglars and still one of the most common methods used today to break into UPVC, Composite and even Steel doors. This leaves not only domestic properties vulnerable but commercial too.


How does the lock snap?

The method behind this technique is as it sounds. It involves snapping the cylinder into two pieces giving full access to the most crucial part of the lock. From here the cam can be turned using a screwdriver and the door unlocked. Even though you have 19 Points of locking securing your door into its frame it is important to remember they are 100% key operated, from the cylinder. Having a heavy duty, multi point locking doorset leaves your cylinder its weakest point. Once compromised, the locking points are useless.

Standard Euro Profile Cylinder

The image above indicates a standard euro profile cylinders snapping point. The screw point is its weakest point due to the minimal amount of metal between the screw hole and bottom of the cylinder. Lock snapping does not require any specialist tools nor do you need expert knowledge. Once enough force is applied to the cylinder, it will snap.


How can I prevent this?

It’s quite clear that this method of attack should not be taken lightly and certainly should not be over looked. Yes, an upgraded cylinder may cost that little more on your initial investment but will save you thousands further down the line in claims.

In short, upgraded cylinders still snap. They have sacrificial cuts a long way away from the weak point in the centre of the cylinder. These sacrificial cuts are outlined below and are what turn a standard euro cylinder into an anti-snap cylinder.

Anti Snap, Euro Profile Cylinder

Once enough force is now applied to the cylinder only the tip will snap off. Once this section of the cylinder has snapped it leaves the rest recessed in the door making it very difficult to grab again.

Snapped, Anti Snap Cylinder

The above cylinder is a British Standard, Euro Cylinder that complies to BS EN 1303:2005. This cylinder is anti-snap, drill, plug pull, pick and bump and is only £25.00 + VAT.

Cylinders and security hardware are now classified in TS 007 according to star rating. Cylinders are able to achieve 1 or 3 stars. Security hardware can attain 2 star ratings. This particular cylinder is a 1 star rated cylinder.

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