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Given that solid steel doors are the safest, most secure, durable and maintenance-free doors on the market. Many residential and commercial consumers make the easy error of not accessorising their steel door with the latest additions.

Be sure to check out the latest in steel door technology before finalising your purchase. These extra features can help discourage break-ins and further improve the look & feel of your door.

Rain Drip Set

This rain drip set is a great addition to any home and door set. For £15.00 + VAT, you can choose to keep the rain away from the door and out of the house. In the UK, controlling foul weather is a constant challenge.

This is a smart addition to your new steel door and is especially recommended for doors that open inward as it will stop rain entering your home.

The drip set is constructed of 1.5 inch galvanised steel and comes with a powder coated white finish. Rain drops are manufactured in 1145 mm lengths and are ready to be cut to your specifications.

The rain drip set will accommodate any door size and with three white pop rivets is easy to assemble and fit to any door. Two rain drip sets will be needed for leaf and a half or double doors.

You will appreciate this add-on every time the weather turns foul.

Door Viewer

Another easy to attach feature that will pay dividends in the long term is the security-minded spy hole. For £8.00 + VAT, this is hard to beat for security.

These viewers are standard on most front door models but can now add peace of mind to all your door openings. A spy hole can be fitted to any door at any time in a matter of minutes.

Push Plates

The AKA Touch/ Finger plate keeps your door looking and feeling clean regardless of weather or number of visitors or number of children.

Easy to clean, these push plates always looks crisp and sharp. Made of stainless steel grade 306, the 300mm x 75mm plates are pre-drilled and can be added in minutes. If you expect the door to be busy and appearance counts, this is a good and practical solution.

Brass Handle Set

Regardless of the finish you choose for your steel door, this brass handle set makes an appealing impression. Technicians will remove your standard handles and replace with durable, plush brass handles that give a luxurious feel to the door and property. At £25.00 this set will make a nice statement about your home or office.

Security Cylinder

Take your security to a new level with a security cylinder. This £25.00 accessory makes forced entry nearly impossible.

These cylinders are anti-pick proof, anti-snap proof and even drill resistant. The security cylinder will make your door impervious to jimmying and that is a very good thing in today’s security environment.

Security Trim Kit

As long as you are addressing added security, why not consider the newest security trim kit. This kit provides many benefits including hiding uneven or large gaps, hiding the position of fixings and eliminating the risk of curious tapering.

The finish is clean with a professional look and is designed to hide packing and fixings from would-be burglars. The trim can be attached quickly and easily and comes with all the white pop rives necessary. This is a great add-on for just £30.00 + VAT.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Handle Set 

This handle set is more robust than the standard handle set that comes with your new steel door. By comparison, the heavy duty stainless steel handles set is longer lasting and completely rust proof.

These handles are maintenance free and will never need to be replaced. The stainless steel cylinder cover gives the cylinder added protection. Buy this extra layer of protection for just £45.00 + VAT and you will never regret the added security.

Security Drop Bar Kit

When security really counts and ordinary residential security will not do, here is the answer. These bars make the door easy to open and impossible to break into without heavy equipment.

This will make your already strong steel door even more secure. For £50.00 + VAT, your door can now feature 2 security drop bars. The kit includes all the brackets, bars and fixings required to boost your security. These fixings can accommodate doors that open inward or outward.

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