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Our Tips For Installing Your Multipoint Locking High Security Door


One of Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets’ most secure lines is their Multipoint Locking High Security doors. Each doorset comes as a complete unit including a single-piece frame and door leaf with an integral high-security multipoint locking system. Doors are designed and supplied for simple and effective installation, which can be carried out with a basic tool set.

A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied with every doorset. To help you with your door installation, we have provided a basic step-by-step guide, to give you some idea of what you will need to consider before undertaking such an installation.


Key steps for Multipoint Locking Door installation


1. Remove all the packaging and inspect the product for damage. If any damage is present it could compromise the effectiveness of the door. In the event that the product is not in perfect condition, please contact us immediately.


2. You are now ready to remove the existing door and frame. Repair the aperture to ensure smooth and even surfaces all the way round by chiselling away and replacing damaged plaster where necessary.


3. The keys are in a bag tied to one of the fixing plates. There are two loose keys used for fitting only, as well as a gold master key and five standard keys. Once the master key has been used the fitting keys will be rendered useless, leaving six keys for day-to-day operation. Once the installation is complete you should snap the fitting keys and dispose of them.


4. Once the keys are located, stand the door assembly up on its end and lift out the door. This is heavy and should not be attempted alone. Remove the protective film and store the door leaf safely. You may need to use packaging to prevent damage.


5. Place the frame, square, into the aperture ensuring it’s correctly positioned. Using a spirit level and plumb line make sure that the edges are straight.


6. If the aperture is larger than the frame, overhead and side panels are available to close the gaps securely. Cut them to size and clean the edges, then use packers to make sure the assembly fits firmly. Now drill through the fixing plate holes into the brickwork, insert the fixings and part-tighten them to hold the frame in position. Further packing should be used to prevent any distortion of the frame at this time.


7. Using the spirit level once more, ensure that the frame is correctly positioned then fully tighten the fixings on the hinge side. The door leaf can now be installed, carefully making sure it moves freely. If this is not the case and the door jams or rubs, the frame may need adjusting.


8. With the door moving freely, drill through the pre-punched holes in the frame and into the surrounding masonry to provide space for the shoot bolts to locate.


9. Now test the locks first with the door open. If they work correctly, do the same again with the door closed. If it’s been installed correctly it should lock and unlock smoothly. If it’s tight, don’t force the key; make sure the bolts line up with the holes provided. If not, adjust them accordingly.


10. Unpack the handles and fit them to the door ensuring that the handle with the thumb controlled locking device is on the inside of the door. Once these are fitted correctly, the door is ready to use.


11. Additional safety features are available to customise your security door and these may need to be incorporated in the installation process. See here for our full range of accessories, replacement parts, and other security products. 



Additional information

Our Multipoint Locking Ultra High Security Steel Door is an excellent means of building additional security into your premises, whether for safety or insurance purposes. Its fully welded construction ensures structural integrity almost indefinitely against attempted entry, while the stainless steel multipoint locking system makes sure that only authorised individuals have access to your premises.

Unlike wooden doors there is no varnishing or painting required and ongoing maintenance is negligible, making it particularly appropriate for commercial premises. Properly installed, a Multipoint Locking Ultra High Security Steel Door gives your premises industry-leading protection, so you can feel confident about the safety and security of your property, wherever you are.

For more information and to find the correct security door for your needs, call Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets today on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us here.