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Top Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Crime This Winter

Police have lots of advice for homeowners about how to prevent and discourage burglary attempts now that the clocks have turned back and hours of darkness have increased. Crime prevention measures can take a while to implement and is most effective when not left to the last minute.

By starting an anti-burglary plan today, thieves can be deterred immediately. While we can never be 100% certain that a burglar will not strike, we can take actions that put the burglar at higher risk of being caught. It is surprising how many people who have been burgled wished they had been more dedicated to burglar-proofing their home or office before the crime. We have put together the following list of recommendations based on behavioural patterns burglars usually follow.

Look Occupied
Many of us travel during winter which may leave the home or premises un-habited. It is important to make the residence look occupied at all times, even when we are away. This might mean keeping at least one light switched on which can be seen through a window to make burglars think that any break-in would be futile. Another thing that makes people aware that the property is unoccupied could be a build-up of letters and correspondence, for this reason it is important to have a way for your post to be delivered through to your property. Did you know that at Latham’s Steel Doors we sell letter plates that can be fitted to our steel doors to make sure you donít have this problem?

Secure Doors, Windows and Patio Doors
Obviously the more secure your doors and windows are, the lower the chances that a burglar will attempt to enter. At least once a year, check that all your lock fittings are secure and that your doors and windows can close tightly. If you have not upgraded your doors, consider the crime prevention advantages of steel doors compared to other types of doors. Our most popular residential steel security doors start from as little as £450+VAT and are a great way of adding that additional measure of security to your home.

If you are not in the market to replace your front door, why not consider upgrading your locks to help give a little more security; at Latham’s Steel Doors, our security upgraded cylinders are euro profile therefore are a standard fitting to many existing front doors. Just this small adjustment can make a massive impact, making your locks; anti bump, anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-pick.

Security Marking
It is surprising how burglars treat stolen goods; they have a good idea about what your property is worth on the black market. The value of marked goods drastically decreases and makes the risk of burglary outweigh the reward. Marking your property also increases the chance that stolen goods could be returned to you.

Secure Keys
If we assume that burglars are lurking in the bushes and observing residences before they break-in, we know we should not leave keys under flower pots or in any insecure hiding place. Insist that family members and housemates abide by this to avoid easy burglaries.

Activate a Visible Burglar Alarm
Let it be known that you have an active burglar alarm. Post notices from the provider in appropriate places and be sure to set it every time the house is empty. Burglars may be able to circumvent your system with extensive homework and information but they certainly prefer homes without these alarms. At Lathamís Security Doors, we sell dummy cameras that really help as a low cost deterrent for our customers who donít have either a visible burglar alarm or CCTV.

Install Bars in Window and Sliding Doors
If you have sliding doors or windows that are not as secure as they should be, place bars over the top of them to prevent unauthorised entry. If you are concerned about the quality of your doors and windows, consider replacing them with steel doors and frames. We sell drop bar kits for that added security on your doors.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight
Donít tempt burglars by leaving laptops, stereo equipment and wide screen televisions in prominent locations near windows. Close blinds and keep valuables in securely hidden away to ensure the maximum protection for your valuable personal possessions.