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While recent years have seen a very welcome fall in overall crime rates, it’s a sad truth that over the Christmas season we experience a rise in serious crimes compared to the rest of the year. Increased alcohol consumption leads to above average antisocial behaviour and puts party-goers at increased risk of mugging and theft. There’s also a seasonal increase in drink-driving offences and a spike in domestic violence. Burglary also increases over the Christmas period, with 10% more burglaries each day compared to the average during the remainder of the year, making it more important than ever that you secure your home against criminal activity.


Why the risk?

In addition to alcohol consumption, there are a number of reasons why the Christmas seasons leads to increased crime rates.

  • Reduced daylight hours provide cover of darkness from four o’clock in the afternoon. This means thieves and burglars can operate over longer hours than usual without being seen or identified. Crime rates continue to fall nationally, with some recent studies claiming that crime also decreases as the days get shorter. Some suggestions have been that criminals require lighting to actually carry out their crimes. Whether or not crime rates vary with increased/decreased daylight, research also suggests that our fear of crime increases as daylight decreases. For peace of mind, if nothing else, securing your home over the Christmas season can lead to a happier you and a better Christmas.
  • Seasonal sales and increased shopping habits also means we are out of the house more frequently and for longer periods of time. Opportunistic thieves will use this to their advantage, breaking into empty homes in order to carry out their crime uninterrupted. They will look for telltale signs that you are out of the house, from missing cars to the absence of light or activity. Opportunistic thieves might also brave an occupied house, if they perceive the payoff to be big enough. In these instances, they will usually wait until residents are preoccupied, or sleeping.
  • Visible gifts and other items of value make tempting targets, increasing the likelihood of opportunistic crime. Something as simple as leaving a pile of presents in a visible location can be enough to drive some individuals to act quickly and immediately. Crimes are almost always driven by motive; leaving expensive items on show gives criminals a clear motive and a reason for breaking and entering in the first place. This is particularly relevant immediately after Christmas, when the large percentage of households throughout the country have benefited from gifts and other high price items that thieves can sell on.

While you’re enjoying the never-ending procession of shopping trips and social engagements, your empty home is an invitation to anyone wishing to bag your belongings. Increased seasonal crime rates across the country make it vital that you take extra measures to protect your homes and valuables at this time of year.

Steel doors can be installed to provide added security for your home all year round. A unit will usually consist of steel frames and a leaf, either of solid plate steel or two plates assembled around a central cavity that can be filled with insulation and will come with inbuilt security features. Steel doors have a number of advantages over traditional wooden doors.

  • Unlike wooden doors, steel ones are damage-resistant and durable; they won’t warp or rot in the winter weather and those that are made to measure can maintain their strength and integrity almost indefinitely.
  • They don’t require much painting or varnishing.
  • Ongoing maintenance is minimal.
  • This presents you with a very practical, cost-effective solution, leaving you with peace of mind regarding your domestic security.

Statistically, crime rates are recognised as decreasing nationally, but this has not reflected in the nation’s concerns, or the need to protect your home against the possibility of crime. As Christmas approaches and the risk of burglary increases, protect your home against criminal action for lower crime rates and a more secure Christmas.

All our doors are competitively priced, ensuring the best value for our customers. To find out more about secure your home with a steel security door this Christmas, call Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets on +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us here.