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A price cannot be put on the safety of one’s family.

Many are aware of this; most homes in the UK are fitted with a high quality security alarm. Although many home owners are now implementing other security methods to make their homes more secure, the use of steel doors, although more popular than ever, is not as embraced as other home security measures. Failing to utilise this great security method is an oversight, as it can be one of the best products as a form of defence, as well as the most cost effective. Customers can spend up to hundreds of pounds on an impeccable security CCTV system, yet, if you are not at the property at the time of the breach in security, what is your form of defence against the intruder? Where can you make amendments and evaluate your level of security? Why not create this security barrier at the point of entry?

At Latham’s Security Doors, you have access to a wide range of security doors, that are designed and manufactured to not only offer an aesthetically pleasing residential looking security door, but also with the added benefits of security being their priority. Our residential doors start from as little as £199.99 + VAT, so a very cost effective way of creating a strong security barrier at your first point of entry.
Panelled steel doors

When people hear “steel door”, they immediately think of an industrial style door that would look very out of place fitted on your home. However, our doors are designed with in mind and simply do not look industrial or commercial, especially if paired with our UPVC style door handles, with matching ironmongery. Property owners are more aware of the importance of home security than ever before, and many are installing our steel doors (over 1,000 security front doors sold to date) to deter intruders and trespassers from entering their family homes.

Alarm systems act as a deterrent to burglars and trespassers, but many opportunists will still take their chance, hoping that the system has not been armed (which is often the case if the occupants are inside). A steel door acts as a physical barrier for intruders; most burglars will not be able to enter a property through a properly fitted steel door. This acts as a major deterrent to most opportunists and organised thieves.

We highly recommend a combination of a good security door, and a reputable alarm system, with a highly sensitive contact on the door too. Therefore, in the event of an attempted break in, the alarm should be set by the vibrations caused and hopefully deter the criminal from continuing on!

For information about how we can improve the security of residences across the UK, get in touch. Call +44 (0) 1384 220 050 or contact us online.